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Kits in Teaching Elementary Science
   Kindergarten Kit Animals 2 X 2

Click on KITES to see what your Kindergarten children are using in their classrooms for their integrated science and math lessons.  KITES was developed in 1997 by a collaboration of Elementary School Teachers in the state of Rhode Island and the East  Bay Collaborative. The big idea behind using kits in the classroom promotes a Hands On Approach to learning science with Inquiry based standards. The primary fundings came from the National Science Foundation and since the creation of KITES, many classroom teachers have been trained in the Kits specific to their grade level.  Mrs. Polselli was one of the original KITE teachers and was instrumental in choosing the kits now taught in Kindergartens around the state.  Fossweb has a site to help students inquire about animals.

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Bar Graph

Click here for a printable version of a venn diagram

View the diagram of a goldfish.  Go to a simple version (just the image) of the Goldfish. 
View a diagram of a guppy.

Gastropods are a class of mollusks with a
single (or absent) shell and a muscular foot
Water Snail       Land Snail
Read more about snails and how they live
How to draw a snail.
Make a snail using paper and yarn.
More stories to read about snails.
Worms are little animals with a long, soft body and no legs. Earthworms benefit the soil.
 Red Worms       Earth Worms
View an earth worm begin born from an egg and view the 5 hearts of a worm.



Click on the picture of the bugs to see a video clip of the bugs moving.

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